Sheffield University

Sheffield is my favourite medical school.  Unfortunately in medicine that doesn’t really mean much.  But hey ho, for me I haven’t heard anything yet I could have an interview, I could not.  I could eventually have an offer, I could not.  I could even after that have a place, I could not… Only the future can tell.

Sheffields application process is very personal statement heavy and this is reflected in their applicant numbers.  In fact once you have met the academic requirements below, the selection for interview is solely on your personal statement.

Academically, Sheffield is quite low with a requirement of 6A’s at GCSE with at least a C in English, Maths and Science. Quite easy for a medical school.  ABBB in AS with then a prediction or achievement of AAA or above at A2.  Probably the hardest bit for most applicants is the minimum cutoff of 2600 in the UKCAT, where you either meet it or you don’t, there is no bonus for achieving anything greater.  Luckily for me I met these criteria so then it moves solely onto the personal statement.

They send your personal statement (PS) off to their PS assessors where they will give you a grade, just like school, between A-E with the following criteria in mind:

  • motivation for medicine
  • evidence of commitment for caring
  • work experience
  • understanding the nature of medicine
  • breadth and depth of interests, and linking these with ability to cope with stress
  • evidence of team work, leadership skills, communication skills, acceptance of responsibility

Candidates with an A in the assessment or a high very high B will be invited to interview.

The interview panel normally consists of three interviewers. These are drawn from medically qualified senior members of staff, biomedical scientists, junior hospital doctors, senior nurses, senior medical students and lay people. The questioning at interview is based around the following criteria:

  • knowledge of and interest in study in Sheffield
  • motivation for Medicine
  • evidence of commitment for caring
  • depth and width of interests (achievements in specific fields)
  • communication skills
  • understanding the nature of Medicine
  • medical work experience.

After the interview, they grade your performance, and after everyone has been interviewed, you will fond out whether you have an offer, rejection or are on the waiting list.  And then hey! It’s all over for another uni.]

Hope you have enjoyed the short read about what I have found out about Sheffield, feel free to message me or leave a comment, all is appreciated.



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