Keele University

Keele, like Sheffield, is very very personal statement heavy.  They have around 2100 applicants and interview approximately 500 people; luckily for me, I was one this year.  Out of these 500 people, 400 are selected based on personal statement quality and the remaining 100 are awarded for academic achievement.  Below is the criteria they use for the PS quality check:

  • Understanding of the role of a doctor
  •  Examples of regular hands-on caring work experience
  •  Depth of experience in a role involving personal interaction
  •  Reflection on what was learnt from these experiences
  •  Initiative/enterprise
  •  Work/life balance
  •  Working in teams
  •  Communication (particularly outside your peer group)
  •  Quality of written application
  •  Exceptional circumstances

The remaining 100 are awarded for academic reasons.  After endless scouring and searching, I have found the mark scheme for how they assess for the academics:

Click here

After the selection for interview, there is the interview itself.  The interviews take the form of multiple mini interviews (MMIs), where candidates undertake a series of short interview stations. The stations will examine a range of skills and aptitudes.  The format of stations may vary from a 1:1 traditional interview through to a role play. Interviews are scheduled to take place in late December, January, February and March.

All the best for any Keele application.

You can also see the full Keele admission statistics here.



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