Medical schools

Hey there!  This is the page where I will try to redirect my posts about each medical school that I have applied to or know someone personally that has applied to another medical school.  I will include admission stats, how they actually accept applicants and anything else I can find thats relevant.  Hopefully it will be ongoing and updated regularly, just scroll down.  Enjoy your stay.



Sheffield is my favourite medical school.  Unfortunately in medicine that doesn’t really mean much.  But hey ho, for me I haven’t heard anything yet I could have an interview, I could not.  I could eventually have an offer, I could not.  I could even after that have a place, I could not… Only the future can tell.

Sheffields application process is very personal statement heavy and…

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Sheffield application statistics


Keele, like Sheffield, is very very personal statement heavy.  They have around 2100 applicants and interview approximately 500 people; luckily for me, I was one this year.  Out of these 500 people, 400 are selected based on personal statement quality and the remaining 100 are awarded for academic achievement.  Below is the criteria…

See all:

Keele application statistics


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